You can support the fight against slavery by raising money to give during the campaign!

How to Raise $100 or More For Our Price of Life Partners

One of the simple things we can do to help end slavery is to give money to support the efforts of those fighting human trafficking at home and abroad. At Price of Life, we want to raise at least $100,000 for our partner organizations: World Vision, International Justice Mission, Not For Sale, and Grace Haven. We can reach this goal if 1000 people raise $100 or more. Wow—raise $100?  That sounds like a lot, but actually it isn’t that hard to come up with.  Here are lots of ways to raise money to fight slavery:

  • Facebook fund raise.  Post the OSU Price of Life link on your Facebook profile and invite your friends to donate.
  • Ask your friends, family, co-workers, others in your church to donate to Price of Life.  Just 10 people giving $10 makes $100!
  • Sell your textbooks and other books you don’t need and donate the money to Price of Life.  Works for CD’s and DVDs as well!
  • Take the money you would spend on one coffee or other beverage a day between now and Price of Life and set it aside.  Also, realize that coffee is often grown under slave conditions.
  • Donate a day’s wage yourself from your job.  You can even do this after taxes if you want!
  • Email your address book.  Write a paragraph about why fighting slavery is important to you and send them to the donate link at
  • Garage sale.  Mom has wanted you to get rid of all that stuff anyway!  Do it with friends to make it bigger.
  • Ice cream social.  Host one and ask people to donate to partake!
  • Jail and Bail.  Arrange to have yourself ‘arrested’ (don’t break any laws, however!) and have friends bail you out—you don’t go free until they pony up $100!
  • Kitsch for cash.  Have a party where you bring all your tacky stuff and buy from each other.
  • Skip a lunch a week and donate the money to fight slavery.  Enlist others.
  • Money Jars.  Great for your work place.  You could even tape a Parade of Tears Hot Card on it.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, and your cell phone book to contact and call people to help.
  • Offer yourself to do odd jobs for people explaining that you are trying to raise money to fight slavery.
  • Roll your change and donate it.  It has been sitting in that jar so long that you’ll never miss it!
  • Shave your head (or dye your hair) to fight slavery.  Agree to do this if your friends donate $100.
  • Tax refunds are a great resource.  Again, you’ve lived a year without that money.
  • Unsubscribe and unplug.  Give up that video subscription.  How many tunes do you have on that iPod?  Do you need a hundred more?
  • Video night.  Invite your friends over, provide the popcorn and give them a chance to donate.  Show Amazing Grace or another movie on slavery.